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Transitioning communities from overdependence to self-reliance through shared value

About Sus-Afric

We are transitioning communities from over-dependence to self-reliance

Our Mandate

SUS-AFRIC was born out of the sustainability challenges facing development projects. Most NGOs, Government, or CSR projects end with Donor funding.

Communities are not able to continue enjoying the benefits of such funds beyond the project cycle. This has led to overdependence on Aid, leading to donor fatigue. SUS-AFRIC’s purpose to design projects that are sustainable. We develop different concepts and models that allow community participation in project design and implementation.

We establish social enterprises, inclusive business models, and public-private community partnerships to ensure project sustainability.

Our work with Social enterprises 

The Government and NGOs alone may not deliver on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

SUS-AFRIC recognizes the role of trade in Agenda 2063 and SDGs.

We catalyze the market by strengthening the role of the private sector in delivering on SDGs.

We work closely with social enterprises, NGOs, governments, private sector to develop business models that can address social challenges like poverty, poor sanitation, poor healthcare, lack of clean water and energy.

Our innovative business models aim at making on social needs accessible, affordable, and available to end-users in a more sustainable and commercially viable way either in a profitable way or on full cost recovery to the entrepreneurs 

Our work with the Private sector – CSR /NGOs/ Governments

We help private sector design inclusive business models. Our inclusive business models aim at creating shared value between the private sector and the community. we aim at creating partnerships where the BoP can be part of the value chain, part of decision making, the art of the economy by either offering services to the private sector, or bridging the gap between private and consumers by either being suppliers, middlemen or producers. We engage stakeholders to identify the needs and aspirations of communities.

Improve the education, capacity, knowledge and skills of small suppliers, Promote entrepreneurship, develop small businesses and help to build clusters of local economic activity. Create sustainable secondary incomes through diversification. Create and increase employment and income opportunities Enhance productivity and improve quality (reducing costs and increasing revenues). Add value to processes and outputs to create differentiation and price premiums. Support infrastructure to provide access to competitive markets and fair prices. Examine new distribution opportunities that can provide opportunities for the poor. Develop new markets

This model helps communities transition from overdependence, to self-reliance, and enable the community members to have sustainable livelihoods for themselves and to participate more effectively in local economies.

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