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Transitioning communities from overdependence to self-reliance through shared value

SUS-AFRIC South Sudan

The long-running conflict in South Sudan, together with geopolitical issues, has remained a challenge to the country’s citizenry and affected the delivery of services by governmental and non-governmental organizations.

SUS-AFRIC South Sudan is located in Juba as a subsidiary of Sustainable Africa Innovators located in Kenya. SUS-AFRIC is offering consultancy and advisory services to development and humanitarian partners comprising of International NGOs, National NGOs, CBOs, private enterprises, and government institutions in creating sustainable systems that can transition communities from overdependence to self-reliance.

Currently, SUS-AFRIC is focusing on the following objectives in South Sudan:

  1. Institutional capacity building with the aim of strengthening the structures that can improve development partners, NGOs, Government service delivery 
  2. Individual capacity building that equips development partners, government, NGOs, and private sector staff with the right professional skills 
  3. Governance, policies, and Advocacy advisory services with the aim of improving the enabling environment 
  4. Private sector development that creates market linkages and stimulates growth.

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Individual Capacity

We impact Skills, knowledge, and Experience through:

  • Formal training and education
  • Professional skills and experience
  • On-the-job training
  • Coaching and mentorship

Institutional Capacity

We strengthen the capacity of an organization to deliver its mandate by improving: 

  • Processes and systems
  • Service delivery arrangements
  • Human resource management, finance, and development

Governance & Policy Advocacy

We facilitate the development of:

  • Policies and regulatory frameworks
  • Standards, guidelines, regulations, and procedures
  • Advocacy strategy

Governance & Policy Advocacy

We support the stimulation of market growth through:

  • Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs),
  • Community-based models.
  • Public, Private, Community Partnerships (PPCP)

Our services in South Sudan


NGO Institutional consultancy on strategy development – We assist organizations in strategic planning and development of:

  • Organization development strategy
  • Resource mobilization strategy
  • Social behavior change communication strategy 
  • State and County development strategies 


SUS-AFRIC helps organizations in carrying out various types of researches, to inform project implantation 

  • The community needs assessment and analysis
  • Baseline/end term surveys
  • Project impact assessment and evaluation
  • Value chain analyses 
  • KAP surveys
  • Barrier analyses
  • Formative research
  • Monitoring /Evaluation and impact analysis


SUS-AFRIC advises the government,

Social development strategies

  • Public participation in governance
  • Public policy formulation
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Community based models

Management and Finance

SUS-AFRIC offers a wide range of supportive services to NGOs, government, private sector companies on the following:

  • Financial management
  • Financial auditing and preparation of audit reports
  • Information and technology 
  • Marketing & Branding

Our Training Services

Project Management

This training is designed for project managers based on 

  • Project inception 
  • Project implementation 
  • Project monitoring 
  • Project closure

Project Monitoring and Evaluation

This training is designed for project coordinators, M&E officers. It emails to equip officers with skills in developing 

  • Log frame 
  • Theory of change 
  • Surveys 
  • FGDs 
  • Project reporting

Social Behaviour Change Communication

We train NGO staff on how to develop key messages and awareness campaign in

  • Protection
  • Gender-Based Violence
  • WASH, Health and Nutrition,
  • Peacebuilding

Project Planning

  • We train field level staff in activity planning 
  • Activity budgeting 
  • Activity-based reporting 
  • Activity implementation based on various projects

Resource Mobilization

This training is designed for Country directors, executive directors, heads of programs, project directors, portfolio managers and heads of resource mobilization and fundraising

Proposal Writing

  • This training is designed for project staff who take part in resource mobilization for NGOs
  • Programme managers, project managers, project directors

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