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Transitioning communities from overdependence to self-reliance through shared value

Connecting Farmers to the Market through Agricultural Marketing Automation for Food Security and Sustainable Development

Written by sus-afric

December 4, 2019

Keywords: Food security, Agricultural Marketing, Technology, Customer Relationship Management, Automation, Market Access, Farmers, Agricultural Produce, Big Four Agenda, Sustainable Development

We should also speak to Market Access as a challenge –

Do we talk about Marketing platforms or Market linkage. Both are correct and may open divergent pathways to the research. Going before the horse, SokoBora provides a market linkage

It would also be interesting to add the conversation on Seasons and relate this to demand. While reading this I was also provoked to think of how the SokoBora can play a role in all-season supply to the markets e.g in Germany you find Apples throughout the year. The idea here is how SokoBora can provide pointers in areas of investments e.g in Logistics (agribusiness), Cooling Tech ( Agribusiness) etc

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